Dialogue for Change – Session #1 - "Sustainability Conversations in the Language Classroom"


Thursday, February 11, 2021, 4:00pm to 5:15pm



Dialogue for Change – Session #1 - "Sustainability Conversations in the Language Classroom"

TOPIC: Sustainability Conversations in the Language Classroom 



The session will begin with an interview with Professor Jason Goulah, Professor of Bilingual and Bicultural Education at DePaul University and author of TESOL and Sustainability: English Language teaching in the Anthropocene era.We will learn more about his approach to creating a more sustainable world through language teaching as well as concrete examples of how to frame foreign language pedagogy in postsecondary education to achieve these goals.  


Moving from theory to practice, we will have presentations of sustainability in the RLL language curricula with presentations by Jorge Mendez (Preceptor in Spanish) and Karen Turman (Preceptor in French). Jorge Mendez will present the newly redesigned beginning Spanish II curriculum. He will discuss how this course's linguistic and cultural content is organized and scaffolded to further students' communicative abilities while engaging them with social, cultural, and environmental sustainability issues 


Karen Turman will demonstrate how topics of sustainability are broached throughout an advanced level French language and culture course, Exploring French Culture Through Industry—Fashion, Cuisine, and Cabarets. With samples from lessons, class discussions, assessments, conversation exchanges, and oral and written projects, she will present how students explore industries today through the lens of sustainability both prior to and during the pandemic 


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