Encounters in the Arts, Literature, and Philosophy

May 17, 2021


The book honoring Christie McDonald contribution to the humanities has now appeared. Encounters in the Arts, Literature, and Philosophy: Chance and Choice, co-edited by Jérôme Brillaud and Virginie Greene is available: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/encounters-in-the-arts-literature-and-philosophy-9781350160903/

It includes essays by several RLL former or current members: Christie herself, Susan Suleiman, Verena Conley, Tom Conley, Kylie Sago, Sanam Nader-Esfahani, François Proulx. 

"Encounters in the Arts, Literature, and Philosophy focuses on chance and scripted encounters as sites of tensions and alliances where new forms, ideas, meanings, interpretations, and theories can emerge. By moving beyond the realm of traditional hermeneutics, Jérôme Brillaud and Virginie Greene have compiled a volume that vitally illustrates how reading encounters represented in artefacts, texts, and films is a vibrant and dynamic mode of encountering and interpreting.
With contributions from esteemed academics such as Christie McDonald, Pierre Saint-Amand, Susan Suleiman, and Jean-Jacques Nattiez, this book is a multidisciplinary collaboration between scholars from a range of disciplines including philosophy, literature, musicology, and film studies. It uses examples chiefly from French culture and covers the Early Modern era to the twentieth century, while providing a thorough and representative array of theoretical and hermeneutical approaches."

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