French Awards Showcase 2019 Winners and Finalists

April 15, 2019


We would like to share an update on a new initiative that we organized this semester: the "French Awards Showcase." We solicited submissions, distributed awards, and showcased exceptional student work from from level 10 to level 100.


At the Cabot Discovery Bar, we displayed wonderful student projects and written work from the beginning to the advanced levels of French and screened student films in loop on the large screen. During the awards ceremony, everyone enjoyed the poetry readings and song performances from advanced level students. Most importantly, we were happy to create an opportunity when students and instructors could gather and recognize our students’ fantastic work in our language, culture, and literature courses.


We are already looking forward to next year’s showcase!

Please see a list of this year’s Prix d’Excellence winners:


French 10-15

Trevor Bishai

Ia Tserodze

Noah Dasanaike


French 20-30

Connor McRobert

Norman R. Storer Corrada


French 40-50

Tomasz Cienkowski

Dody Eid (Director),

Kelley Babphavong (Script),

Georgia Wheeler (Script),

Francisco Trujillo (Producer)


French 60-level

Allegra Colman

Emily Spector

Jenna Bao

Lyndon Hanrahan

Andrea Brown

Bryan Yang

Sadia Demby


French 70-100

Jessica Boutchie

Karina Dubrovskaya

Caleb Rak