"Gilets Jaunes" : Lilas Gall and Salomé Lemoine

April 25, 2019


The students and instructors of French 11 gathered for a discussion and immersive experience associated with the “gilets jaunes” (yellow vest) movement in the Visualization Research Lab. Virginie Greene contributed to this discussion by giving a presentation entitled "Les gilets jaunes et l'histoire des révolutions françaises" about the relationship between the Gilets Jaunes movement and the events of 1789, 1830 and 1968. This presentation was followed by a virtual reality experience, immersing students in the streets of Paris during various Gilets Jaunes protests. The session ended with an interactive Skype discussion in French with two Gilets Jaunes (18 and 22 years old) who have been part of the movement since December 2019 and who have accepted to answer student questions about their involvement.


Organizer and course head: Nicole Mills

Presenter: Virginie Greene

Director of the Visualization Research Lab: Rus Gant 

Instructors: Sarah Flitti, Felicia Cucuta, Farnam Izadi

"Gilets Jaunes" : Lilas Gall and Salomé Lemoine

French 11 students (Spring 2019)