A Measure of Balance - How the Dudley Fellows help GSAS students step away from their research.

November 28, 2018

At the end of every week, Emma Zitzow-Childs, a PhD candidate in Romance languages and literatures and the coordinating fellow at Dudley House, the GSAS student center based in Lehman Hall, sits down at her computer and puts together the “This Week at Dudley” newsletter that arrives in the inboxes of the graduate community at Harvard. “So, all those bad puns? I take res-pun-sibility for those,” she jokes with a hint of pride. As the coordinating fellow, Zitzow-Childs isn't just sending out the newsletter, she's also making sure the team of fellows at Dudley are supported as they organize and host events for the GSAS community. For her, it is incredibly rewarding to look at the calendar for the upcoming week and see the diversity and number of events that fellows have organized, from film screenings to cemetery tours. “There’s almost too much to do,” Zitzow-Childs confesses. “But giving people the burden of choice is the preferred alternative to them not having anything to do.” It’s the tireless work of the 26 fellows that makes sure that every week, there’s something for everyone.

GSAS Bulletin

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