Notice to Members of the Harvard Community with DACA

September 26, 2017
As you may well know, the government has announced the rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as of March 5, 2018.  Anyone whose DACA status will expire before March 5, 2018 can apply for renewal of DACA before October 5, 2017.  Therefore, the Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program (HIRC) at Harvard Law School strongly advises all members of the Harvard community who have DACA to set up a free legal consultation with the Clinic as soon as possible. The Clinic can assist with filing DACA renewal applications, as well as with legal representation in other applications for immigration relief. Appointments with the Clinic can be scheduled by contacting HIRC paralegal Nilce Maldonado at or at 617-495-6648.
For Harvard students on financial aid, you may be able to have the renewal fee covered in part or in full through your School’s financial aid office.  You should be in touch with your financial aid officer to explore this option.