"Re-Visions of Hell: Early Printed Illustrations of Dante's Inferno" - Co-created and Co-designed by RLL's Matthew Collins

May 3, 2018

From Friday, April 27 through Sunday, May 13, the Fogg Museum's Lightbox Gallery is hosting an installation, "Re-Visions of Hell: Early Printed Illustrations of Dante's Inferno." Co-created and co-designed by Matthew Collins (PhD Candidate in the Italian section) and James Yamada (Senior Design Technologist, Certain Measures), it features digitized images from Houghton's collection of fifteenth and sixteenth century printed illustrations of Dante's Commedia, along poet Robert Pinsky's recorded reading of his Inferno translation, now a part of the Woodberry Poetry Room's collection.

Collins and Yamada will give a Gallery Talk on May 12, for which more information is available here.