RLL220 poster session: Innovative Language Pedagogy

May 9, 2019


We are happy to share the RLL220 poster session at the Foreign Language Advisory Group (FLAG) forum on Wednesday, 5/8 at the Harvard Language Center. After exploring a number of curricular frameworks (social pedagogies, multiliteracies and genre-based pedagogy, foreign languages across the curriculum, etc.), the TAs and TFs in RLL220 ("Second Language Research and Practice") were given the task of creating a course syllabus in their field of research/interest inspired by one or more of the curricular frameworks discussed in the course.

Below are the titles of the exciting new courses developed by our TAs and TFs in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Chinese!


Raconter des rencontres: Writing about Cross-Cultural Encounters in French (Emily Epperson)


Voices of Brazil: Establishing a dialogue with silenced communities (Viviane Ferreira)


Rethinking Spanish Collective-Modern Memoire through journalism (Azucena López Cobo)


Writing and Re-writing the Gothic Genre (Cristina Pérez Arranz)


Spain through its socio-political debates (Josefa Ros Velasco)


Giving Voice to Women in French Medieval Literature (Mathias Sieffert)


En Écrivant Haïti : Communication et communauté (Madeleine Wolf) 


Spain in conversation with Latin America (Juan Godoy)


The Art of Chinese Characters (Erqian Xu)


Approfondir la France profonde (Emma Zitzow-Childs)


Berlin Calling : Mapping the City through Literature, Art, and Film (Aleks Kudryashova) 



RLL220 Instructor: Nicole Mills

Director of Language Programs: Elvira DiFabio

Bok Pedagogy Fellows: Nico Moreno and Bahij Tamer 

RLL220 students