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FRENCH CLUB Events Calendar


February Events

Feb. 18: Bouillon de lectures, 6pm to 8pm, Boston French Cultural Center

Feb 21: European Career Fair, 9am – 4pm. MIT Johnston Athletic Center

Feb. 24:  Ciné-Club de l'Alliance: Dans la maison, 6:30 – 9:30pm, Boston French Cultural Center

Feb 26: Talk by Paul Bandia, "Translation, Postcolonialism, World Literature", 5pm, 359 Barker Center

Feb. 27:  The Seventeenth Annual Africa Business Conference, 8am to 5pm, Harvard Business School

Feb. 27-28:  2015 European Conference at Harvard: "Europe in the World. Inaugural Transatlantic Edition", 4pm to 8pm, Kennedy School


March Events

Mar 4 to Mar 30:  Exhibit: Pascale Lord : A Table ! 9am to 9 pm daily, Boston French Cultural Center

Mar 5: Immigration and the ‘Republican’ Model in France: talk by Professor James Hollifield, 4:15 to 6 pm, Busch Hall

Mar 18:  New England and Beyond : Annual Life Sciences Panorama Outlook for 2015, 6pm, Genzyme Center

Mar 24:  French-American Chamber of Commerce Business Booster, 4pm to 8:30 pm, One Post Office Square

Mar 30: Talk by Philip Armstrong, "Precarity’s Prayers: On Forms of Political Speech", 6 pm, Barker Center 133

Mar 31:  Exploring Careers in Africa: Panel + Mixer and Undergraduate Workshops, 4:30 – 6 pm


April Events

Apr 3-4: African Development Conference, 8am – 9 pm, Harvard Kennedy School and Law School

April 7, 9: Talk by Claire Mauss Copeaux, “Revisiting the War in Algeria”, 6 pm, Barker Center 133 (359 on April 9)

Apr 16: Panel on the Far-Right in Europe, with Prof. Laurent Bouvet, Prof. Cas Mudde and Prof. Sofia A. Perez, 4:15 to 6pm, Busch Hall

Apr 17-18: Conference: "Foucault's Les mots et les choses, at year 50, 9 am to 6pm, Busch Hall 

Additional information about the events listed above, grouped by subject area:


1.      Screening of Mati Diop films at the Harvard Film Archive

February 6-9 , 7 pm every night

Carpenter Center

In French and English

Description: Simultaneously anchored in the real world and tuned into an imaginary one, Diop’s work offers a resolution to what is perhaps cinema’s oldest divide: the split between documentary observation (as practiced by the Lumière Brothers and their globetrotting band of cinematographers) and fictive creation (as seen in the magic films of George Méliès). In a statement typical of her enigmatic style, Diop has said of her hybrid style “nothing is true and nothing is false.” Instead, her films never announce what parts are fictive or documentary, and reside ambiguously between the two. In this space, which is perhaps unique to cinema, her characters find themselves rooted in one place and dreaming—deliriously, melancholically, and always vividly—of another.

 2.     The Seventeenth Annual Africa Business Conference

February 27 at 8:00 am – March 1 at 5:00 pm

Harvard Business School

In English

Description: The HBS Africa Business Conference is the largest student-run Africa-focused business conference in the world and it will be held in Boston, from February 27th to March 1st, 2015 with the theme, “A More Inclusive Africa: the pursuit of progress for all”. The event will include thought-provoking content and professional networking opportunities with inspirational people. Visit the conference website to learn more about how to register for this event.

 3.     Exploring Careers in Africa: Panel + Mixer and Undergraduate Workshops

March 31 from 4:30-6:00pm

Location: TBA

In English

Description: Enjoy food from the continent as we hear form a diverse panel that will share their experiences working in various sub-Saharan African countries. Learn about working in Africa and potential internship, volunteer, and job options. An informal mixer, following the panel, will offer an excellent opportunity to continue talking with panelists as well as other individuals with experience in Africa.  This program is cosponsored by:  the Office of Career Services (OCS), The Center for African Studies (CAS), Harvard Africa Business Investment Club (HABIC), Harvard Africa Student Association (HASA), and Youth Alliance for Leadership Development in Africa (YALDA).

4. African Development Conference

April 3 at 8:00 am – April 4 at 5:00 pm

Harvard Kennedy School (April 3) and Wasserstein Hall,  Harvard Law School (April 4)

In English

Description: The ADC will provide a forum for practical debate on Africa’s evolving network of development partners. It aims to enhance partnerships between public and private sector actors that are rebranding and reshaping Africa in the international development arena. The conference will provide a structured environment in which to discuss how to support the continent’s emergence at a time when African countries increasingly look beyond their traditional partners in the West, engaging within the continent as well as with countries such as China, India and Brazil. Finally, by providing a space for discourse on fields as varied as law, government, technology, health, education, design and media, the conference aims to bring to light the breadth of areas of potential collaboration creating a more dynamic ecosystem of conversations on issues concerning development in Africa. For more information visit:


 1.      European Career Fair 2015

Feb. 21, 9 am – 4 pm

Johnson Athletic Center, MIT

In English

Description:. This fair hosts some of the brightest candidates who are interested in a career in Europe and increases awareness in the US about the exciting career opportunities that Europe has to offer. This career fair is the largest of its kind in the United States and has a proven track record providing domestic, foreign, and multinational companies access to some of the highest caliber applicants worldwide. Our candidates are students, working professionals and recent alums of Ivy League, and renowned European and American universities. Our company participants are diverse, ranging from renowned multinationals to smaller, innovative firms operating in a wide variety of sectors.

 2.     2015 European Conference at Harvard: "Europe in the World. Inaugural Transatlantic Edition"

Feb. 27-28, 4 pm to 8 pm

Kennedy School

In English

Description:  A two day forum for policy and business ideas to move Europe forward. This event is organized by the European Club at HKS, the European Club at HBS and the European Affairs Society at the Fletcher School. The inaugural transatlantic edition will feature an additional session in the European Parliament in Brussels on March 18, 2015.

 3.     Panel on the Far-Right in Europe, with Prof. Laurent Bouvet, Prof. Cas Mudde and Prof. Sofia A. Perez

Apr. 16, 4:15 pm to 6 pm

Lower Level Conference Room, Busch Hall

In English

Description: TBA


 1.      Exhibit:  Béla Kalman: Paris et Provence

Feb 4 - Mar 2, 2015, 9 am to 9 pm daily

Boston French Cultural Center

Description: We invite you to discover the talent of this Hungarian photographer who was part of the Boston artistic community and who owned and ran Studio 350 on Newbury Street in Boston for over 25 years. Mr. Kalman explained that his magic behind the camera was to look through the lens with his fabled "third eye." And that is what he did while travelling in France in the 60s and in the 80s. From these travels remain 16 stunning images picturing Versailles, le jardin des Tuileries, Notre Dame, streets of Paris and the amazing landscapes of Provence.


 2.     Public Discussion with Professors Ruxandra Paul, Rachel Gillett and Arthur Goldhammer: Who is Charlie?

Feb. 12, 7-8:30 pm

Lowell JCR
In English

Description: In light of the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo's headquarters, issues regarding race, religion, and the state have come to the forefront of the world stage. While no doubt, things like identity and citizenship are part and parcel of these issues, they often escape definition, and the various ideas of what it means to 'belong' to a group are often ill-defined. In order to wrap our heads more fully around these nebulous issues, we've asked three experts on race in France to come for a public discussion, to speak frankly about the issues facing two worlds that seem so often to come into conflict.

 3.     Films | Ciné-Club de l'Alliance: Dans la maison

Feb 24,  6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Boston  French Cultural Center

In French (with English subtitles)

Description: In Dans la maison (In the house), a high school French teacher (Fabrice Luchini) gets increasingly drawn into a precocious student's transgressive story about his relationship with a classmate's family. This movie from director François Ozon won the main prize at the 2012 San Sebastian International Film Festival.

 4.     Exhibit: Pascale Lord : A Table !

Mar. 4 to Mar. 30,  9am  – 9 pm daily

Boston French Cultural Center

Description: Pascale Lord was inspired by her childhood and especially when her mother was calling her to the dinner table. Dinner time is a time for sharing about different topics of discussion from simple gossip to news, politics, history etc. The paintings in the exhibition A Table ! relate to these moments. The dinner table and food become metaphors on the nature of communication between people. Different applications of paint are important to Pascale Lord’s process and relate to the various personalities and reactions of dinner guests. Manipulating the surface texture brings about a distortion to the image. What was once there is now gone, destroyed. Rips and holes appear in the surface revealing what is hidden behind the façade, not being said. Mirrors allow the viewer to contribute, in their own way to the discussion.

 5.     Immigration and the ‘Republican’ Model in France: talk by Professor James Hollifield

March 5, 4-15 pm – 6:00 pm

Goldman Room, Busch Hall

In English

Description: Is the French republican model still viable in debates over immigration and citizenship, especially in light of recent struggles over the place of Islam in la société laïque, the plight of immigrants in les banlieues, and the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher? Viewed from the perspective of the last thirty years, which saw the rise of a powerful anti-immigrant political movement, the Front National, immigrant riots in the suburbs, terrorist attacks, and heated arguments over Islam, one might conclude that immigration in postwar France has been raging out of control. Yet despite the constant atmosphere of crisis and tension, France has remained a relatively open immigration country, a tradition which dates from the middle of the nineteenth century. Annual levels of immigration have not fallen much below 100,000 since the early 1950s, the right to asylum has been respected by every postwar government, and France has maintained what is arguably the most liberal naturalization policy in Western Europe. How can we explain this continuity in the midst of crisis? I argue that the continuity in the principles and outcomes of French immigration policy is closely linked to the power of the republican model and to the “limits of control” that are a function of rights-based politics.

 6.     New England and Beyond : Annual Life Sciences Panorama Outlook for 2015

Mar. 18, 6pm

Genzyme Center (500 Kendall Street)

In English

Description: Join us to meet local companies, researchers, sciences & business leaders from both sides of the Atlantic as they analyze fast-changing development in Life Sciences both in New England and Europe. This program will address topics of interest for small and large companies, investors such as medical devices, regulation, nanotechnologies and finances. Register here:

 7.     French-American Chamber of Commerce Business Booster

Mar. 24, 4pm to 8:30 pm

Sullivan & Worcester (One Post Office Square)

In English

Description: We've brought together experts from our network for four 40-minute workshops about practical advice on how to successfully grow your business in the U.S. This event's main focus is to encourage new business opportunities. Make useful and tailored connections by interacting one-on-one with our service providers and get the answers you are looking for!

 8.     Conference: "Foucault's Les mots et les choses, at year 50"

Apr. 17-18, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Lower Level Conference Room, Busch Hall

In English

Description: A conference dedicated Foucault’s classic work as the 50th anniversary of its publication approaches.


 1.      Annenberg French Table

Every  Tuesday 5:30pm to 6:30 pm

Annenberg Dining Hall (near the entrance)

In French

Description: French language table for freshmen

 2.     Kirkland French Table

Every Tuesday 6pm – 7 pm

Kirkland Small Dining Room

In French

Description: French conversation table for upperclassmen.

 3.     Mather French Table

Every Wednesday 5 :30 pm to 6 :30 pm

Mather Dining Hall Alcove

In French

Description : French language table for upperclassmen.

 4.     Dudley Language Table

Date : TBA

Dudley Dining Hall

Description : French conversation table for grad students

 5.     Café des Sciences #68: Thomas Ketchell - « l’Histoire au cœur de l’école digitale »

Feb. 10, 6 pm to 8 pm

Dental Rachel’s Amphitheater, Room 1414 (1 Kneeland Street)

In French

Description: Thomas Ketchell is an entrepreneur and engineer who founded the software Hstry, used to reenact historic events from a first person perspective. Register (for free) here:

 6.     Verre de la rentrée

Feb. 13, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Daedalus, 45 Mt. Auburn Street

In French

Description: A back-to-school happy hour for speakers of French! Old and new friends welcome. Appetizers included for early comers. Sign up here to help provide a head count : 

 7.     Bouillon de Lectures

Feb. 18, 6-00 pm – 8:00 pm

Boston French Cultural Center

In French

Description: Our book club in French will meet to discuss the latest books which came out and were added to our library collections in 2014, whether they were award winners or not. Find your favorite and share your thoughts with the group!