Secondary Fields

in Romance Languages and Literatures (French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish)

In order to complete a secondary Ph.D. field in Romance Languages and Literatures, a graduate student from another Harvard department will take a minimum of four courses, at least three of which will be graduate courses (200 level: “Primarily for Graduates” in Spanish and French; students interested in a secondary field in Italian or Portuguese should contact the DGS) and no more than two of which can be intermediate courses (100 level: “For Undergraduates and Graduates”). Neither pass/fail nor audited courses will count towards a secondary Ph.D. field in this department.

All courses expected to count towards the secondary Ph.D. field will be taken in the department, in the section of the student’s choice; in compelling cases, one “related course” may be counted towards the secondary field, with permission of the DGS. On average, our larger sections (French and Spanish) offer every academic year about nine 100-level courses and five 200-level courses each. Of the smaller sections, Italian offers up to six 100-level courses and two 200-level courses; Portuguese, two 100-level courses and two 200-level courses. Any and all of the courses offered by a given section at the 100 and 200 levels are open to secondary Ph.D. field students in that section.