Spanish: Sales Prize

Sales Prize for Best Composition in Spanish by an Undergraduate Who Began the Study of Spanish at Harvard

From the bequest of Francis Sales, A.M. 1835, a prize is offered to the best scholar in Spanish "who shall have commenced the study of that language at Harvard College and whose scholarship shall be determined by his proficiency in Spanish composition." The competition is open to undergraduates only.

Students have one hour to write an essay in Spanish on a topic distributed at the moment of the competition. No aids may be used. A selection committee awards the prize of $500. Students in all levels of Spanish are welcome.

Eligibility: Students MUST have begun their study of Spanish here at Harvard in Spanish 10 or Spanish 15.

The Sales Prize essay exam will take place on Thursday, April 28th @ 3:00pm.

2022 Winner:  Congratulations to Sophie Collins Arroyo (Class of 2023) for writing the best composition in the competition!

Please contact Cathy Downey ( to sign up for the competition.