Adam Mahler

Adam Mahler


Adam Mahler is a second-year student specializing in the poetries of medieval Portugal and Spain. The recipient of a Fulbright research grant, he has written on Luso-Brazilian literature for Caesura, Poetry International, Pessoa Plural, and the Fundação Gulbenkian’s journal of literary criticism, Colóquio/Letras. For his essay on literary unexemplarity in Dom Duarte’s Leal conselheiro, he received La corónica’s 2021 Nancy F. Marino Prize for best essay in Hispanomedieval Studies. His first book of translations, Camilo Pessanha’s Clepsydra and Other Poems, will be published by Tagus Press at the University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth in Fall 2021.

Research interests: troubadour poetry, Iberian Jewry, aljamiado literature, translation theory, theory of the lyric, minority- and historical languages of the Iberian Peninsula.

Peer Review Publications and Book Chapters


Review of Seven Songs of Decline, Mario de Sá-Carneiro, Luso-Brazilian Review, forthcoming.

Review of The Complete Poems of Alberto Caeiro (New Directions), ed. Jerónimo Pizarro and Patricio Ferrari, trans. Margaret Jull Costa and Patricio Ferrari, Pessoa Plural, Fall 2021.

Review of Song of Ourselves: Walt Whitman and the Fight for Democracy, by Mark Edmundson, Pessoa Plural, Spring 2021.

“Caeiro, Khayyám, e a poética da indiferença,” in Fernando Pessoa e Cia. Não-Heterônima, ed. Caio Gagliardi, Mundaréu, São Paulo, 2019.



Essays and Criticism


Review of Canoagem, by Joaquim Manuel de Magalhães, Colóquio/Letras, forthcoming.

Review of Cães de chuva, by Daniel Jonas, Colóquio/Letras, January 2022.

Review of Estojo, by Miguel-Manso, Colóquio/Letras, September 2021.

“Introduction to Antonio, by Beatriz Bracher,” Caesura, February 8 2021.

“Brás Cubas’ Theory of Human Editions,” Caesura, August 19 2020.

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