Dalila Colucci

Dalila Colucci

De Bosis Fellow
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Office Hours: Tuesday 11-1, Boylston 506
Dalila Colucci holds a Ph.D. in Modern Philological and Linguistic Disciplines from the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard. Her research interests lie within modern and contemporary Italian literature, with a close focus on intermediality.

She has worked extensively on the interactions between prose and poetry in twentieth-century authors, publishing a monograph on Goffredo Parise (2011), editing his poems (2016), and dedicating her first dissertation to Carlo Emilio Gadda’s osmotic contamination of literary genres. Her latest book, L’Eleganza è frigida e L’Empire des signes. Un sogno fatto in Giappone (2016), explores the intersections of reportage, fiction, and poetry in Roland Barthes and Goffredo Parise’s chronicles of Japan. Her current book project – Intermedia Italy: Poetry and Visuality in the Twentieth Century – reimagines the intermedia evolution of visuality (including painting, typography, photography, cinema, and music) as a driving force of poetic modernity.

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