Dalila Colucci

Dalila Colucci

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Dalila Colucci holds a Ph.D. in Modern Philological and Linguistic Disciplines from the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa and a Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard. Her research interests lie within modern and contemporary Italian literature, with a close focus on intermediality. She has worked extensively on the interactions between prose and poetry in twentieth-century authors, publishing a monograph on Goffredo Parise (2011), editing his poems (2016), and dedicating her first dissertation to Carlo Emilio Gadda’s osmotic contamination of literary genres. Her latest book, L’Eleganza è frigida e L’Empire des signes. Un sogno fatto in Giappone (2016), explores the intersections of reportage, fiction, and poetry in Roland Barthes and Goffredo Parise’s chronicles of Japan. Her dissertation at Harvard, Poetry and Visuality in Italy from Futurism to the Neo-Avant-Garde, reimagines the intermedia evolution of visuality (including painting, typography, photography, cinema, and music) as a driving force of poetic modernity.

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