Dalila Colucci

Dalila Colucci

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Italian Visual Poetry’s Evolution from the Avant-garde to the End of the Twentieth Century

My dissertation focuses on Italian Visual Poetry’s evolution in the twentieth century, integrating traditional criticism with semiotic and technological aesthetics, visual culture, and cognitive sciences. Moving in the hybrid space of intermedia representation, I will examine poetic works in which a trespassing dynamic blurs the distinction between art and text, interacting with different types of creativity: Futurist metal books (L’anguria lirica, 1934); object-poems (like Balestrini’s Il sasso appeso, 1961, or Niccolai’s Poema&oggetto, 1974); collage poems (pursued in the 60s by Stelio M. Martini); sonorous and dynamic poetry of the 80s and 90s (exquisitely embodied by Lora-Totino’s performances).

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