Jorge Mendez Seijas

Jorge Mendez Seijas

Preceptor (Spanish)
Jorge Mendez Seijas

Academic Degrees: Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics, Georgetown University; M.S. in Spanish Linguistics, Georgetown University; M.A. in Phonetics and Phonology, The Spanish National Research Council; B.A. in Spanish American Language and Literature, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela.

Research Interests: Second Language Acquisition, Phonetics and Phonology, Heritage Language Education and Assessment.

Jorge is currently the course head of various first-year Spanish language courses (SPAN 10, SPAN 11, and SPAN 15). Before joining RLL at Harvard, he served as Coordinator of the Beginning and Intermediate Spanish Language program at the University of Rhode Island, Interim Director of the School of Foreign Service and Intensive Spanish Language programs at Georgetown University, and Course Head of beginning, intermediate and advanced Spanish courses at Princeton University.

Throughout his career, Jorge has been involved in several course development endeavors. Among his most recent projects, he has developed courses for heritage speakers of Spanish, language courses specifically tailored to students majoring in foreign service and international affairs, and a community service-learning experience that brought together Georgetown University students and local NGOs.

Recent publications:

Obediente, E. & J. Méndez Seijas (Submitted). La sílaba: descripción fonética y

fonológica. In J. Llisterri & J. Gil Fernández (Eds.) Fonética y fonología descriptiva de la lengua española. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Madrid, Spain.
Mendez Seijas, J. (2018). L2 Spanish intonation in a short-term SA program. In C.
Sanz & A. Morales-Front (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Study Abroad Research and Practice (pp. 86-100). New York: Routledge.
Méndez Seijas, J., Zalbidea, J., & Vallejos, C. (2018). Conducting evaluation interviews.
In T. McKay, & J. Davis, J. (Eds.) A Guide to Useful Evaluation of Language Programs (pp. 57-68). Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press.

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