Maria Dasca Batalla

Maria Dasca Batalla

Teaching Assistant (Catalan)

Office Hours (Spring 2019): Monday and Wednesday 2-3 pm,  Boylston 333

Maria Dasca Batalla received her PhD, from the University of Barcelona on June 2008. She worked as Pre-doctoral Fellow at the University of Barcelona (2001-2006), as a “Maître de langue” and Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Paris-Sorbonne (2007-2011), as a Visiting Teaching Associate at Brown University (2011-2012), and as a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University Pompeu Fabra (2012-2015). She has also been Visiting Scholar at the Queen Mary College-University of London (2004) and Stanford University (2013). Her teaching experiences involve Catalan Literature and Culture, as well as Catalan and Spanish as a Foreign Language. She has published a number of book chapters and articles for peer-review journals. 

In her monograph Entenebrats. Literatura catalana i bogeria (Shaded. Catalan Literature and Mental Disease), published in 2016, she analyzed the representation of mental illness in some of the most important novels published in Barcelona between 1868 and 1939. In this study she included works where madness caused an epistemological break between the individual and the community, and fictions where “mad subjects” codified a singular view of reality that raised troubled identifications concerning the representation of modern society. Her approach was based on plural conceptions of the mental illness, which concerns historical, social and epistemological issues related to industrialization, and intended to create new debates in how literary production can be interpreted. 

Research interests: Contemporary Novel, Translation Studies, Space Studies and Literary Criticism.


As a Lecturer on Catalan she teaches "Spanish 171: Barcelona and the Catalan Culture"