Matthew Collins

Matthew Collins

De Bosis Fellow

Matthew Collins, a Lauro De Bosis Postdoctoral Fellow, completed his PhD in Harvard's Department of Romance Languages and Literatures in 2018; he holds an MA from NYU's Institute of Fine Arts and a BA from The University of Texas at Austin. In addition to teaching courses at Harvard, he has been a Visiting Lecturer at Trinity College in Hartford since 2019. Collins has lectured and published on a range of topics, from medieval sculpture (the De Braye Monument) to modern Italian architecture and urban planning (Olivetti's Ivrea) to Bob Dylan's literary sources, but his principal and current research interest is that of the visual reception of Dante's CommediaHe is the editor of Reading Dante with Images: A Visual Lectura Dantis, forthcoming with Harvey Miller Publishers, and he is completing a monograph, The Early Printed Illustrations of Dante's Commedia. He also oversaw the systematic digitization of images from Houghton Library's fifteenth and sixteenth century printed illustrated editions of the Commedia, and has curated exhibits in Harvard's Pusey Library, Lamont Library, and in the Harvard Art Museums.

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