Language Tables

Language Tables are an excellent way to keep up your language skills outside of class. You can share a meal and speak without fear of making mistakes.

Please let us know of any new tables, or of updates and/or corrections.

CATALAN (Spring 2019)

For All Levels. Mondays 6-7pm, Adams House 

FRENCH (Spring 2020)

Sundays at 6 - 7pm, Quincy House Dining Hall

*Due to access restrictions this table is not open to first-years

Thursdays at 6 - 7pm, Dudley House, at Clover in the Science Center


ZOOM - Mondays 6pm - 7pm Zoom link

PORTUGUESE (Spring 2020)

For All Levels. Wednesdays, 5:30 -6:30pm. CGIS South S030 (contact:

Starting Feb 12th.  

SPANISH (Spring 2020)

Mondays, 5 - 6pm - Annenberg Hall. For more information please contact Jorge Mendez Seijas (


The Harvard Language Center is launching a language exchange program for interested members of the Harvard community (current faculty, staff, students, visiting spouses and their partners, as well as retired faculty and staff). If you’d like the opportunity to practice speaking skills with a partner in an informal setting, please sign up using the form on our website ( and then search the database for prospective partners. Please be patient as the database accrues users; the more people who sign up, the more likely users are to find the combination of language desired/language spoken for which they are searching. (Speakers of less commonly spoken language may need to check back intermittently.)


If you have any questions after visiting the webpage, please contact us at


Language Exchange