Language Programs

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers language courses in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. There is also a limited Catalan offering. In all four major languages, our courses have substantive content related to all aspects of culture, including literature, enhancing the intellectual experience of learning a language. The high enrollments in French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese allow us to provide variety at all levels, so that students can find courses corresponding to their interests. In our fifth language, Catalan, we have a first-year sequence, and students can pursue their Catalan study further through special arrangement.

Course Sequence

1st Year: Aa   Ab   Acd  Ax 
2nd Year: C   30
3rd Year:
40   50      
4th Year: 61b 61c 61g 61m
1st Year: Aa  Ab  Acd  Ax 
2nd Year:   30
3rd Year:
4th Year:

1st Year: Aa   Ab  Ac  Acd  Ad   
2nd Year: C   30
3rd Year:
40  59
4th Year: 61b
1st Year: Aa  Ab  Acd  
2nd Year: C  30
3rd Year:
40  49h  50  59  59h  
4th Year: 61n  
1st Year: Ba
2nd Year: 20
3rd Year:
4th Year: 91r

Course Heads
French: Dr. Nicole Mills, Dr. Ericka Knudson
Italian: Dr. Elvira Di Fabio
Portuguese: Dr. Viviane Gontijo
Spanish:  Dr. Adriana Gutiérrez, Dr. Johanna Damgaard Liander, Dr. Celeste Moreno, Dr. María Luisa Parra 


Image: "Chaotic Lisbon." Creative Commons attribution (adapted).