Undergraduates may earn a citation attesting their advanced training in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Each language citation program consists of four half-courses of language instruction beyond the first-year level and/or half-courses in literature and culture taught primarily in the foreign language. At least two of these half-courses must be at the third-year level or beyond.

Detailed information about pursuing a citation in a foreign language is available in the Handbook for Students.

If you would like to apply for a language citation in RLL, please contact Katherine Killough.

The library’s offerings of online citation tools classes for the fall semester are now posted on the Citation and Research Management Tools at Harvard guide.

Attend a Zotero or EndNote class to learn how to:

  • Easily save references
  • Organize PDFs
  • Create in-text citations & footnotes
  • Create bibliographies automatically

Find out dates of online classes and register at:

Citation Tools