Ana Laura Boeno Malmaceda

Ana Laura Boeno Malmaceda

Portuguese and French
Ana Laura


I’m Ana, a writer and Ph.D. student in Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University, where I study ecological thinking and practices of regeneration in the Anthropocene through the perspectives of Indigenous and Afro-Brazilian epistemologies. During 2015-17 I worked on a master’s degree in Brazilian Studies at the University of Lisbon (2017), when I was also an exchange student at the CREPAL (Centre de recherches sur les pays lusophones) at the Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III. I am currently working on a secondary field in Critical Media Practice.

Research Interests: postcolonial studies, ecological thinking, anthropology, ecofeminism, Indigenous and Afro-Brazilian material cultures


Selected works:



A Seat at the Table. ReVista (Cambridge, Mass.), 19(3), 156-159.


Revista Philia, org. Dossiê Culturas Brasileiras. v. 3, n. 1 (2021)


Sem máscaras: Uma antologia dentro de casa, na quarentena | No More Masks: An antology from our homes, during the quarantine. Revista PHILIA | Filosofia, Literatura & Arte, 3(1), 293-313.


Revista Piauí. Batalha Herbácea: Joaninhas contra pulgões em Paris.


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