Our Department focuses on the four most widely used Romance languages – French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish – and on their cultural and literary traditions around the globe. Introductory Catalan and independent studies in Catalan Literature are also available.   Learn more...

Undergraduate Programs

Our faculty is committed to interdisciplinary studies. Courses and programs in RLL invite students to situate literature in the broad context of cultural productions, ranging from the canonical to alternative modes. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to tailor their plans of study according to their specific interests.  Learn more...

Graduate Programs

Combining a broad knowledge of each literature through diverse course offerings and specialized research working one-on-one with faculty, our graduate programs nurture students' individual interests. A strong sense of community among students and faculty, particularly within specialties, creates a graduate experience as unique as each chosen dissertation topic.  Learn more...

Latest News

Advising Fortnight: The Humanities and Your Financial Future

Advising Fortnight: The Humanities and Your Financial Future

April 7, 2014

Jim Pautz, 2006 Harvard graduate and concentrator in RLL (Brazilian studies track) was one of six alumni participants in a panel discussion on the variety of interesting and lucrative jobs that graduates with arts and humanities degrees can obtain. 

Invitation from the Cultural Attachée | Consulate General of France

March 25, 2014

Le Consulat général de France, le Consulat général du Canada, la Délégation du Québec, le Consulat de Suisse et le Consulat général de Haïti ont le plaisir de vous inviter à la Cérémonie de la Francophonie 2014 ainsi qu’à une réception qui se tiendront le mercredi 26 mars 2014 de 12h à 14h30 à la State House de Boston.