We focus on the four most widely used Romance languages – French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish – and on their cultural and literary traditions around the globe. Independent studies in Catalan Literature are also available.   Learn more...

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Today, Romance languages are spoken in Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Their rich cultural and literary heritage plays a key role in the world's multicultural societies.  Learn more...

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Combining a broad knowledge of each literature through diverse course offerings and specialized research working one-on-one with faculty, our graduate programs nurture students' individual interests.  Learn more...

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Spanish/Portuguese DVDs, new arrivals: 5x pacificação, El alcalde de Zalamea [videorecording], El somni [videorecording] = El sueño = Le rêve = A dream, Los comuneros [videorecording], Suiços brasileiros : uma história esquecida, Tancredo Neves : mensageiro da liberdade

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Publication of "French Global"

Publication of "French Global"

October 7, 2014

Christie McDonald and Susan Suleiman celebrated the publication of the collective volume, French Global: une nouvelle perspective sur l’histoire littéraire (the French translation from the original English, French Global, published this month in France) with several contributors at Reid Hall in Paris on October 2.  Other authors in the volume include colleagues Janet Beizer, Tom Conley, Verena Conley and others from across the US and Europe.

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