Course Levels in RLL

  • Course 10 through 59 indicate courses designed primarily for undergraduates and focused on language acquisition. Courses 10-20 offer beginning and early intermediate instruction in language. Courses 30-59 give special attention to the development of language skills in a variety of literary and cultural contexts. Courses numbered 59 combine language study and engagement with living language communities in the Boston area.

  • Courses numbered 60-99 are designed to introduce undergraduates to the systematic study of literature and culture in a given language. Courses 60-69 offer effective bridges between the studies of language, culture, and literature. Courses 70-79 introduce major works and currents of literary history as preparation for 100-level literature courses. Courses 80-99 include specialized undergraduate seminars, tutorials, and independent study. All courses numbered 60-99 require approximately the same level of language proficiency.

  • Courses numbered 100-199 are advanced courses in literature and culture, open to both undergraduates and graduate students. Numbers 100-199 reflect period, regional, and thematic groupings. All courses in this group assume the same degree of language proficiency. 

  • 200-level courses are graduate courses, chiefly seminars. They are intended primarily for graduate students; exceptionally, they can be open to advanced undergraduates. Some graduate seminars are conducted in English.