Portuguese & Brazilian Studies

The Special Field of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies acquaints students with the Portuguese language and the Portuguese-speaking world's diverse and vibrant literary and cultural expressions, both in mainstream and popular dimensions, including film, theater, visual arts, music, dance, architecture and urban studies. Concentrators may take courses outside the department on various historical, economic, or political aspects of the cultures of Brazil, Portugal, or the Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa and Asia. Faculty members work closely with students and encourage them to be creative and imaginative. Concentrators play a large role in the development of their individual plans of study.


A. Courses in language and culture (minimum 2 courses or proficiency in Portuguese; maximum 3 courses)

Recommended courses (or equivalent as approved by the Special Field Adviser in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies): PORTUG 40, PORTUG 50, PORTUG 61

B. Introductory courses in literary and cultural history (minimum 2 courses)

Recommended courses (or comparable courses approved by the Special Field Adviser in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies): PORTUG 123a, PORTUG 123b

C. Sophomore Tutorial (1 course)

Recommended course: PORTUG 97 or ROM-STD 97

D. Courses in RLL/PORTUG at the 80, 90, 100 and 200 levels (4 courses)

At least three of these courses must be taught in the target language. At least two must be at the 100-level or above.  N.B. At least one course in category B or D should deal with literature and culture before 1800.

E. Courses in related fields (minimum 2, maximum 4)

Content must be clearly related to Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Special Field Adviser or DUS may require that research related to the course, such as final paper, incorporate Portuguese or Brazilian content.

F. Elective course (maximum 1 course)

Category A, B, D, E course, or approved Gateway or General Education course.

G. HONORS track (2 courses)

Students who qualify for the Honors track may elect a thesis or no-thesis option. See section on Honors track for details.

Use this worksheet to create and track a Plan of Study with your faculty adviser. Click here for the downloadable version of this page.

Image: Campos Azevedo, George. "Rio de Janeiro Tilt Shift - Favela Corcovado" (detail). Creative Commons attribution.