Romance Studies

The Special Field of Romance Studies permits students to combine work in two or three Romance languages and literatures. Cross-cultural in focus and design, this Special Field acknowledges a common heritage matched by different emphases and directions in Romance literatures and cultures throughout their history. Some students enter the concentration with proficiency in one Romance language and some knowledge of a second or even a third Romance language; but it is not necessary to have begun study of two or more languages before arriving at Harvard.


A. Courses in language and culture (minimum 2 courses or proficiency in two Romance languages; maximum 3 courses)

Recommended courses: See Section A on the Special Field page for each language.

B. Introductory courses in literary and cultural history (minimum 2 courses)

Recommended courses (or equivalents as approved by the DUS: See Section B on the Special Field page for each language.

C. Sophomore Tutorial (1 course)

Recommended course: FRENCH 97, SPANSH 97 or ROM-STD 97

D. Courses in RLL at the 80, 90, 100 and 200 levels (4 courses)

At least three of these courses must be taught in the target language. At least two must be at the 100-level or above. N.B. At least one course in category B or D should deal with literature and culture before 1800.

E. Courses in related fields (minimum 2, maximum 4)

Content must be clearly related to Romance Studies. The DUS may require that individual research, such as final paper, incorporate Romance content.

F. Elective course (maximum 1 course)

Category A, B, D, E course, or approved Gateway or General Education course.

G. HONORS track (2 courses)

Students who qualify for the Honors track may elect a thesis or no-thesis option. See section on Honors track for details.

Use this worksheet to create and track a Plan of Study with your faculty adviser. Click here for the downloadable version of this page.

Image: "Carte géologique de la Manche" (1923; detail).èque nationale de France.